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*** DRAFT *** Message to Community and Survey - V1 - For Review and Revision

Update 2021-04-24 With Word Version of Document

From Project Update #4 cover note:

"You will be receiving an updated ‘Message & Survey’ document later this am.  Please review soonest and provide your feedback (by e-mail or the forum) by Monday, May 3 9:00 PM.  Goal is to have this document reviewed and approved at next meeting.  Depending upon response from SHC BOD, we can discuss things such as timing, survey tool(s), distributing surveys, collecting and collating returns, publishing results, decisions based on community input, etc."

"From Project Update #4:

  • Review DRAFT Message and Survey (attached)
    • Thanks to Shari T, Tina B, Anna B and Lorna M!
    • Feedback:
      • Build FAQ to anticipate questions from community
      • Brief message re: “come watch play”?
      • Bold “level of interest”
      • Specify “point of contact” or list of contacts for more information:
        • Alan T
        • Louise R
        • Bonnie B
        • Garry L
        • Others?
      • Identify when and how results of survey will be published"

Currently, I only have a PDF of DRAFT V1.  I will post an editable version soonest.


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