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Project Musings - May 19, 2021

I sent this via e-mail to the project team:

"Good Day All!

Hopefully each of you received the e-mail I sent out this AM in reply to the SHC BOD’s response to our request about sending out a message and conducting a survey.  That document is also posted in the forum.

As suggested by others, it might be good to hold off scheduling the next project team meeting until after we get the next reply from the SHC BOD.

In the meantime, the various teams might want to continue their efforts and provide the team with updates (as hinted at in a previous e-mail - :^)).  I was asked what I was looking for as a report.  All I’m looking for is an update on where the teams are at.  If a team, the Where Team for instance, believes their work is complete (and the document(s) I’ve posted accurately reflects their work and discussions) then a simple statement to that effect is all that is required.  On the other hand, if a team wants to update their work, a short report (over the next couple of weeks?) would be most welcome.

Now, on to another matter. . .

I’m sensing a reduction is enthusiasm for this effort – this is not unexpected as it happens with many initiatives and we are heading into better weather with lots of other things to do.  But it might be a good time to think about how the project is going and being managed, and to make any needed mid-course corrections.  We can discuss this at the next project team meeting.  I am *not* looking for a bunch of gratuitous, positive feedback!  If there’s something that needs to change, feel free to let me/us know. REALLY!!  Nor am I looking to get away from the project – I remain fully committed!!

That being said, Tina asked me to forward this:

“As you know we are moving earlier than we thought not from the cottages but from our home  by end of June so I think I should resign from this committee although my heart is still in it this awesome project.”

I’m sure we all wish Tina and Ray all the very best, and thank Tina for her part in re-igniting the pickleball court project, but I suggest we do not accept her resignation until after they depart the Cottages.  :^))



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