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Response From SHC BOD and My Reply

The SHC BOD replied via Associa.  Here's their response and my reply:

  1. We are not proposing a specific location at this time.  A sub-committee (the “Where Team”) is responsible for identifying potential locations.  Their *preliminary* report is attached.
  2. I’ve attached the most relevant documents (project plan with latest update, Where Team report and *draft* Message and Survey document).  I note that the attached information, and more, is freely available to all at lockyer.ca/pickleballforum.
  3. The point of our previous communication to the SHC BOD was to explore the logistics and tools that might be available to us to sense the level of interest in the community, not to make any specific proposals to the SHC BOD or the community, at the time of the message and survey.  Specific proposals will be made over the coming weeks and months.

I believe I have provided all the information requested by the SHC BOD.  I trust that we will soon receive the development plan (and any related, relevant documents), as requested below.





From: Carla Malmberg <Carla.Malmberg@associa.ca>
Sent: May 11, 2021 5:23 PM
To: Garry@lockyer.ca
Cc: Carla Malmberg <Carla.Malmberg@associa.ca>; David Kent <David.Kent@associa.ca>
Subject: FW: Pickleball Court Project


Hi Garry

The Board of Directors reviewed your email regarding the pickleball court project.

The Board of Directors is requesting more information be provided on the project.

  1. Where does the committee propose the new pickleball courts be located?
  2. Please forward the documents on your website for the Board of Directors to review.
  3. A survey to the owners is a possibility once the Board has a better understand of what the committee is planning.

Thank you, the Board looks forward to this additional information.


Carla Malmberg

Director of Operations

Licensed Strata Manager


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From: Garry@lockyer.ca <Garry@lockyer.ca>
Sent: April 29, 2021 12:26 PM
To: 'Cottages Lake' <directors@osoyooscottages.com>; kelownaoffice@associa.ca
Subject: Pickleball Court Project


A group of pickleball enthusiasts here at the Cottages has formed an ad hoc committee to investigate constructing a permanent pickleball court that can also accommodate other activities such as badminton and basketball.

The committee is composed of over 20 homeowners, including:

Kurt & Bonnie Bausenhaus – baus@shaw.ca

Anke & Kevin Black- acantzler@gmail.com, mailto:mkb0001@yahoo.com

Louise Renaud - mailto:lcmrenaud33@gmail.com

Garry Lockyer – Garry@lockyer.ca, C: +1.250.689.0686


You may contact any of the above people for more information about the project.  In addition, all documents related to the Pickleball Court Project have been posted to lockyer.ca/pickleballforum/.  All shareholders are welcome to view the documents and participate in the discussion.

We are at the preliminary stage of the project and would like to determine the level of interest within the community for this initiative.

We are currently working on a brief message to introduce this initiative to the community and a short survey to gather specific input.  We are requesting the SHC BOD’s support to:

  • Advise us about online survey tools that  might be available to us via the SHC BOD and/or Associa,
  • Distribute (ideally, electronically) our message and survey to all shareholders,
  • Post the message and survey on TCOOL.ca and
  • Post the results when available.

We expect to have the message and survey ready for distribution in early May.

Also, there was an earlier (about 5 years ago) discussion between a previous BOD and the developer and it was noted at the time that the development plan for the Cottages (on file with the Government of Canada and/or OIB?) may have to be modified.  Please provide us with copies of (or links to) the development plan or any other documents relevant to an initiative such as this.


Garry Lockyer

Project Manager

The Pickleball Court Project


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